Where are you from and what sort of child were you?

I was born and raised in Afghanistan and have always been interested in making things and learning. I would tag along with my Grandfather when he was doing home renovations and I loved to help. I think I was a pain in the ass kid though. I liked to be wild and free and run and play.


Tell us about your first memories of being creative. What were your early influences and/or exposure to art and culture?

Back home we made our toys from things found, so we’re always being creative. My father passed away when I was quite young so had to grow up fast to support my mother and 3 sisters. At the age of 15, I moved to Pakistan to work in a leather company sewing jackets to send money home. I loved working with machines always and liked the idea of being able to earn money by making things with my own hands.


Describe your work in 3 sentences or less.

We are an online furniture store called FFABB home. Our collection of furniture is made and carefully designed by us in Vancouver BC. We have machinery that precision cuts our frames and fabric, then all is assembled by our hands with care and pride and shipped to your home.


What brought you to this kind of work? Was there a pivotal moment in your past where you discovered it? Or was it a progression over a period of time?

I like to think upholstery has always been in my blood. When my dad was alive as a hobby he would fix and re-cover furniture in our garage. Shortly after I moved to Canada I started working for Celina Dalrymple at Fabulous Furnishings (now my business partner) where she taught me the trade. Taking furniture apart putting it back together and seeing the smiles on the faces of the customers was the biggest inspiration to continue what I was doing. We want to give people looking for new furniture an option to buy a quality piece, North American made, at a fair price so we started FFABB. Furniture that clients can keep in their family and love like the well made furniture we used to re-upholster.


Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us?

That I may have missed my calling as a professional dancer.


Tell us about your first real break.

I think my biggest break was the chance I was given to move to Canada for the opportunities, freedom, independence and safe life. I am so grateful I am still able to support
my family, take care of my mom and give her live a stress free life by doing something I enjoy.


What does your average day look like and when are you most productive?

My day almost always starts with exercise. I either go to the gym or do a workout at the shop.

I am most productive in the morning before the rest of the staff starts. It gives me time to organize the workflow for the day / week as I am the head of production. On a regular day I am either doing upholstery, putting together furniture frames, running machinery, training, sewing or doing an installation. No two days are the same.


What or who inspires you to be your most creative self?

I would say my friend, boss and business partner Celina. She is the creative one and inspires me to keep up with her.


What is your favourite place in the world? Is there anywhere you would still like to visit?

I love Dubai it is my favourite place I have been to so far. I am dreaming of a beach / sun vacation. Maybe Thailand!?


How would your friends describe you?

They love me! I am a loyal person always there for my friends and family. I am the person that always says yes to adventure and fun.


If you could give advice to your 20-year-old self, what would it be?

Focus more on my finances.


Tell us about your latest work, and anything that’s on the horizon for you?

We’ve just launched our online store and are running production of our collection on an order basis. We are really happy with how everything is going so far and are most excited to have the new machinery and production making furniture for our fabulous customers.


What is the best part of your week?

Soul Train Friday!! We disco dance before we head home for the weekend and it feels like we are spreading a little of our joy. Our Insta stories are always well attended on Fridays.


ADDRESS Interview with Najeeb Dawary of FFABB Home.

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